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Gilded Cage Marlborough Pinot Noir
Treat Your Palate to a Dozen Bottles of Gilded Cage Pinot Noir! This Stunning Varietal Comes Straight from New Zealand's Premier Marlborough Region

Looking for a full-flavoured Pinot Noir to stock your shelves? A dozen bottles of Gilded Cage Pinot Noir should do the trick!

This 2014 Pinot Noir hails from New Zealand's premier Marlborough region and exhibits classic flavours of red fruits, plum, cherry and currants with notes of clove and spice and a subtle oak influence.

An elegant varietal that pairs perfectly with so many dishes, you'll love impressing friends with a hearty glass at your next dinner party.

Plus, you can't go wrong with free delivery to your door! (Excludes Northern Territory and Western Australia)

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