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Arthur Metz Classique Riesling
Taste the Rich History of France with a Half Dozen Arthur Metz Classique Riesling Vins d'Alsace From the Celebrated Alsace Region

Let your taste buds go on a journey of historical discovery with a half dozen bottles of the delicately delicious Arthur Metz Classique Riesling Vins d'Alsace AOC.

Travelling all the way from Alsace in France, a land of rich and turbulent history whose fairytale landscape is dotted with medieval chateaus, Renaissance residences and half-timbered houses. Its timeless charm, colourful villages, flowery streets, and indomitable spirit can be found reflected in the quality of this wine.

The rich soils of Alsace rise to the finest range of white wines, fresh and aromatic, from the driest to the smoothest, which enchant connoisseurs and match all cuisines.

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