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Veuve d'Alban Blanc de Blancs Brut NV
Raise Your Glass to the Finer Things in Life with a Dozen Bottles of Veuve d'Alban Blanc de Blancs Brut NV! A Delicious Bubbly From France, with Delivery Included

Celebrate life's special moments with Veuve d'Alban Blanc de Blancs Brut NV in hand!

This luxurious Ugni Blanc and Airen blend from France is the perfect varietal to have on hand to celebrate those cherished moments like birthdays, anniversaries, or to take your home cooked brunch to the next level.

A blend of specially selected grapes, from Charente, France and Mancha, Central Spain, ensure this Sparkling is crisp, clean, and stunningly balanced. With a palate of apple, pear, bright citrus flavours and a fresh touch of ginger, it finishes long and elegant.

Plus, take advantage of free delivery to your door and avoid that pesky trip to the shops! Excludes dry communities.

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