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De Bortoli Deen Vat Series Dozen

Indulge Yourself in Delightful Multi-Regional Wines From a 5 Star James Halliday Winery with This De Bortoli Deen Vat Series Dozen!

Would you love to have a fully-stocked cellar with a selection of wine for the Christmas season? Good, then we've got you covered! 

Enjoy a dozen bottles of various varietals and regions from a 5 Star James Halliday rated winery with De Bortoli Deen Vat Series Wine.

Each case comes with two bottles of the following: Deen Vat 7 Chardonnay, Deen Vat 6 Verdelho, Deen Vat 2 Sauvignon Blanc, Deen Vat 9 Cabernet Sauvignon, Deen Vat 8 Shiraz, and Deen Vat 1 Durif.

Deen De Bortoli was one of the true visionaries of the Australian wine industry. He was at the forefront of innovation and made wine for the people. The Deen Vat Series range is a true reflection and tribute to Deen himself.

With something for everyone in this deal, it is bound to impress everyone at the dinner table.

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