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Marqués de Caranó Reserva
Enjoy an Opulent and Full Bodied Spanish Red! This Marqués de Caranó Reserva Is Bound to Impress, Delivery Included

Complete your evening in with tapas and a glass of this full-bodied Marques de Carano Reserva Tempranillo.

Lush Spanish reds of this pedigree have always been a luxury - the history behind the netting around the bottle was to keep unscrupulous folk (like those pesky butlers) from drinking the good stuff when the boss was away and replacing it with cheap plonk on the quiet.

When you taste this opulent Tempranillo and Garnacha (Grenache) blend with deep blackberry and cherry flavours and hints of vanilla, you'll want it all to yourself too.

Grant yourself a taste of Spanish taste and culture with this red without reservations thanks to the free delivery right to your door. Excludes delivery to dry communities.

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