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Kopparberg Cider
Enjoy a 24 Case of World-Renowned Cider All the Way From Sweden with Kopparberg Cider! Choose Between Pear or Apple

If beer isn't your schtick and wine is a bit much, cider is the choice for you! Enjoy a case of 24 bottles of Sweden's famous Kopparberg Cider.

Choose between their apple cider or why not opt for their unique pear cider?

Kopparberg Cider comprises of a refreshing range of apple, pear and fruit ciders. These are made from the fermentation of apples or pears and the finest soft water, locally sourced in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden. 

While Kopparberg Cider is the bestselling Pear Cider in the world, both varieties are a delicious, fruity thirst quenching beverage of choice for many the world over.

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