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T'Gallant Juliet's Delight Pinot Grigio

Drink More Wine for Less! Enjoy Twelve Bottles of this Deliciously Delicate and Sweet Pinot Grigio from a James Halliday Five Star Winery

Save on cash and calories with a case of T'Gallant Juliet's Delight Pinot Grigio!

Founded by Mornington Peninsula pioneer Kevin McCarthy, T'Gallant has a storied history. From managing wineries in the Granite Belt region to working for James Halliday in the Yarra Valley; Kevin has become an Australian leader in the cool climate grape variety.

This delicate drop is 25% lighter in alcohol and calories and 61% lighter in price, which means you can enjoy more of what you love, for less!

Stock up to have the perfect bottle on hand for every occasion.

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