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Marques de Tezona Tempranillo
Bring Spain A Little Closer To Home With This Exquisite Tempranillo From Marques de Tezona. Enjoy Spain's Gift to The Wine World With Delivery Included

Unfortunately, we can't simply pop over to Spain for a weekend trip, but we can pop open a bottle of this exquisite Marques de Tezona Tempranillo and pretend we can.

Drink in the Mediterranean with this brick red full flavoured red wine made without the influence of oak

This Tempranillo is a vibrant and versatile companion to richly flavoured dishes as it retains a beautifully fresh and balanced flavour and is silky smooth which guarantees it to be a hit with all red wine drinkers.

Plus we're even throwing in free delivery so you can save up for a real trip to Spain! Excludes NT & WA

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